Enlightening on Syrian Crisis

Russia has officially addressed UN Secretary General with a  scientific-based report about usage of Sarin Gas by NATO-backed Syria’s opposition.

The Russian report is based on direct soil study, which is the only method to prove or exclude usage of chemical weapons as well as images of the targeted region, according to Russia Today (RT).

Main Stream Media (MSM) ignore the story because the NATO-GCC alliance pushes toward supplying Syria’s rebels with additional weapons, thus they do not need troubling facts/news.

David Bullock, a well-known Zionist in Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) has described the Russian report as ‘Russian Propaganda’ and the main event is killing 100,000 civilians in Syria, according to him, nevertheless, Mr. Bullock forgot that more than a half of Syria’s death poll are pro-Assad civilians as well as Syrian Army.

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