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Blogging Corner | Every blogger wants to increase his/her blog rank. There is no strict rules for bloggers, but there are basic considerations that enhance blogging skills and increase blog ranks.


Blog Concept:

Blog must have special concept based on subject. Blogger must introduce his/her own fingerprint which corresponds subject.


Blogger-Readers Balance:

Blogger has Concept and message to tell readers about, meanwhile he/she must care about readers orientations and opinions. in other words, blogger’s mission is not only sending posts, but also he/she cares about readers’ opinions, comments in form of feedback.


Avoid Copy/Paste:

Copy/Paste abuse will disconfigure the blog’s fingerprint/personalization, however, copy/paste is essential for documentation/reference sometimes. Moreover, Copy/Paste will slow ‘blog’s crawl’ within search engines and might lose rank.


Link the blog with Social Media:

It is important step to link the blog with social media like facebook, twitter, linkIn, Reddit, etc.. in order to increase readers fan and so spread the blog.


How to choose Blog Platform?

There are many blogging platforms like Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, SquareSpace, Typepad..etc..

Blogspot and WordPress are most famous blog platforms comparing with the others.


Blogspot versus WordPress?

Blogspot is owned by Google, so it is more secure comparing with WordPress which is free-source and offer webhosting.

Blogspot is more restrict and sensitive due to privacy policy and use agreement, whereas WordPress has wide freedom of use.

Blogspot is html-based protocols whereas WordPress based-on FTP.

Blogspot is easier for beginners than WordPress. Whilst, WordPress offers more elegant and more specialized templates.

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